KXT1000-32S VoIP Gateway IAD 32 Port

VoIP Gateway IAD 32 Port 4 RJ45 to connect to the IP network over a DSL modem or Router or a LAN switch

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  • describe

IAD is a multi-functional analog gateway offering seamless connectivity between IP-based telephony networks and legacy telephones (POTS), fax machines and PBX systems. With the standard RJ11 and RJ21 interfaces, the device offers 32 FXS ports. It is ideally suited for small and medium businesses, call centers and multi-location environments that need VoIP services.

It is supports the standard SIP protocol and it's compatible with leading IMS/NGN platforms and SIP-based IP telephony systems.

4*RJ45 (WAN/LAN Port)to connect to the IP network over a DSL modem or Router or a LAN switch

32*RJ11 (FXS Ports 0-23)FXS ports to connect standard analog phone or FAX machine or a PBX

1* RJ21 (FXS Ports 0-23)

1*RJ48 Console Port: Console port is used to carry out maintenance-related configurations

1* Power Jack: To connect DC 12V power supply

1* Power Switch

1*Reset Button

1*Ground Point

Product number KXT1000-1S/2S/4S/8S KXT2000-16S/24S/32S KXT2500-48S/64S/72S/96S KXT3000-128S/320S
Software model KXT1000 KXT2000 KXT2500 KXT3000
Ports FXS 1/2/4 8 16/24/32 48/64/72 96 128 320
Ports FXO 4/8 4/8 2/4/8/16 / / 128 /
FXS/FXO Hybrid 4/8 4/8 4/8 / / 32 /
Telco connectors / / / 50 PIN  / / /
User Boards / / / / / 10
Size 13*10*3cm 1u 1u 1u 1u 4U 4U

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    Comelink Company is a national high-tech enterprise. The core team members mainly come from Huawei and are a mainstream data communication solution supplier in the industry.
    The company is committed to the design, development, production, sales, and service of network products and platforms in the communication field. It has a full range of products such as Ethernet switches, optical network PONs, wireless bridges, routers, and set-top boxes, and continuously delves into technical development to provide customers with customized products and solutions.
    The company has a foundation of years of cooperation with communication enterprises and has deep cooperation with multiple large communication enterprises. The proportion of R&D personnel in the company accounts for 80%, with an average of more than 10 years of frontline development experience. It specializes in embedded system research and development, and through independent research and development of core technologies, breaks foreign technical barriers and flexibly responds to different customer needs.

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