COME6865-56YC 100 Gigabit Uplink 25Gigabit Downlink Full 10 Gigabit Access Switch

COME6865-56YC Full 10Gigabit Access 100 Gigabit Uplink Layer 3 Switch

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  • describe

      COME6865-56YC switch is a high-performance high-density uplink switch with 25Gigabit Downlink 100Gigabit Uplink. The whole switch adopts advanced hardware structure design and pluggable power redundancy design. It can support a maximum of 48 *25Gigabit ports, 8*100G uplink ports, provide full port L2/L3 line speed forwarding capability, and support IPV6.
       It provides rich service features and powerful functions, such as ACL policies, flexible Q-in-Q, and network security protection. At the same time, the product has the highest 10Gigabit port density and the largest switching capacity of the same grade equipment in the industry, and supports full-port line speed forwarding. 
       The elastic stack function virtualizes multiple devices into a logical entity, which can expand port and switching capacity, and manage, upgrade, and maintain multiple devices in a unified manner. To meet the requirements of large data traffic and non-blocking transmission in data centers, the product provides powerful cache capabilities and supports advanced cache scheduling mechanisms to ensure the maximum effective utilization of the device's cache capabilities. It is designed to meet the requirements of high-density and high-bandwidth network applications in next-generation enterprise networks, data centers and metropolitan area networks.

       This device can be applied to the Ethernet aggregation layer or access layer of network operators or campuses, as well as the access layer of data centers and the core layer of small and medium-sized enterprises, and provides rich server access solutions for data centers.

      Physical Interface:

      1.48*25G SFP+,8*100G QSFP28,1+1 modular redundant power supply, two pluggable Fans;

      2.Uplink Optical Ports: 8 *100G uplink optical ports, type QSFP28;

      3.Console Port: management serial port, used for command line management, type RS232;

      4.MGMT Port: out-of-band management port, used for Telnet/SSH/WEB login control, type RJ45;

     Product Feature:

      1.Operational level device stability and network resilience
      2.Support IPv4/IPv6 dual protocol stack platform
      3.Support multiple link redundancy and network redundancy protocols such as 
      5.Support VRRP/ERRP/ERPS/MSTP/Smartlink etc. Various link redundancy and network redundancy protocol
      6.Support 802.3ad LACP

     Perfect safety mechanism

  • 1.Support ACL security filtering mechanism, which can provide security control functions based on MAC, IP, L4 port
    2.Support ARP attack automatic protection and user blocking functions
    3.Support DHCP attack automatic protection based on Mac Address and user blocking functions
    4.Supports various device protection functions such as anti-ddos, CPU overflow protection, CPU queue flow control, and VRRP
    5.Support DHCP-snooping/IP-source-Guard/802.1X and other security features
    6.Support link protection functions such as BFD, FlexLink, LACP and ERRP
    7.Support remote loop detection function
    8.Support CFM, EFM and other Ethernet link detection mechanisms
    Support remote user authentication based on Tacacs+, Radius, and Local user authentication 

    Powerful QoS capabilities

    1.Support port speed and flow speed limit function
    2.Support classification based on service flow and Qos flow control function
    3.Support queue scheduling algorithms such as SP/WRR/SP+WRR
    4.Support port-based and service flow-based mirroring functions

    Enhanced multi-service capabilities
    1.Support DHCP Server and DHCP Relay
    2.Support L2-Tunnel
    3.Support Ethernet OAM protocol such as CFM、EFM 

    Rich routing protocol
    1.Support static route
    2.Support dynamic route such as RIP, OSPF,BGP, ISIS
    3.Supports routing policies based on Route-map, IP-ACL, AS-path, and IP-prefix

    Simple and easy-to-use network management function
    1.Support CLI based on RS232 serial port, Telnet and SSHv2
    2.Support WEB-based configure operation management, support SNMP V1/V2/V3
    3.Support remote upgrade or equipment through FTP and TFTP





48*25G SFP+,8*100G QSFP28

1+1 modular redundant power supply,
two pluggable Fans

Chip Solution

Exchange capacity


Packet forwarding rate


Package cache(Byte)


Vlan table


Mac table


Route table


Memory and storage

1GMb DDR2 memory and 32MB Flash memory


AC: 100~240V 47/63Hz;

DC: 36V~75V;


Three 8000RPM speed controls and provides the fault alarm function

Power consumption





(Width * height * depth)


Environment temperature

Working Temperature:-10℃~55℃

Storge temperature:-40℃~70℃

Software specifications:



L2 Features


Support 4K vlans

Supportvlans based on MAC addresses, protocols, IP addresses, subnets, policies, and ports

Support 1:1 and N:1 VLAN switching

Support basic and flexible QinQ


Support 128K MAC address table

Support The MAC address table can be manually added or deleted

Support The MAC address aging time can be manually configured

Support Disabling MAC address learning for ports

Support Control the number of MAC addresses on a port

Support Port MAC address filtering is supported

Support Supports blackhole MAC

spanning tree

Support the STP/RSTP/MSTP

Support BPDU protection, root protection, and loopback protection


Support bidirectional bandwidth control

Support static and dynamic LACP aggregation

Support multi-port mirroring

Support port storm suppression

Support 9K Jumbo ultra-long frame forwarding

Security Feature

User security

Support anti-ARP-spoofing spoofing prevention

Support automatic suppression of anti-arp-flooding flooding attacks

Support IP Source Guard to automatically create IP, MAC, port, and VLAN binding tables

Support DOS and ICMP attack defense

Support Port Isolation Hardware isolates packets between ports

Support MAC address binding to ports and port MAC address filtering are supported

Support IEEE 802.1X and AAA/Radius/TACACS+ user authentication

Device safety

Support control layer to prevent various DOS attacks and virus attacks against the CPU

Support SSHv2 Secure Shell is supported

Support SNMP V3 encryption management

Support the Telnet login and password mechanism of the Security IP address

Support HTTPS

Support hierarchical user protection to prevent unauthorized users from trespassing

network security

Support ARP traffic detection based on each user's MAC address

Support ARP packet suppression or user blocking based on ARP traffic detection

Support one-key binding based on dynamic ARP tables

Support manually bind parameters such as the IP address, VLAN ID, MAC address, and port

Support L2-l7 ACL traffic filtering is supported

Support  port broadcast/multicast packet suppression and automatic shutdown of dangerous ports

Support The DHCP Option82 and PPPoE+ tag can be used to upload user physical location information

Traffic Feature


Support standard and extended ACL

Support ACL policy based on time period

Support Provide flow classification and flow definition based on IP header information such as source/destination MAC address, VLAN, 802.1p, ToS, DSCP, source/destination IP address, L4 port number, protocol type, etc.

Support 80-byte packet filtering in the header of L2 to L7 deep IP packets, and filters illegitimate frames based on source MAC address, destination MAC address, source IP address, destination IP address, port, protocol, and VLAN


Support flow rate limiting function based on custom business flow

Supports mirroring and redirection functions based on custom business flows

Support priority marking based on custom service flow, support 802.1P, DSCP priority Remark capability

Supports port-based traffic policing and the two-speed, three-color CAR function

Support port-based priority scheduling function,queue scheduling algorithms such as SP/WRR/SP+WRR


Support Layer 2 multicast entry 8K

Support Layer 2 static multicast

Support IGMPv1 / v2 / v3 Snooping

Support PIM-SM, PIM-DM, and PIM-SSM

Support IGMP Filter multicast filtering

Support IGMP Fast Leave to quickly leave a multicast group

Support IGMP Proxy

Support controlled multicast

L3 Feature


Support ARP capacity 32 k

Support Aging ARP entries

Support the ARP Proxy

Support IP address conflict identification between connected users


Support 512 Layer 3 interfaces

Support IPv4 route entry 64K

Support Layer 3 multicast entry 8K

Support ECMP

Support URPF

Supports the Ping, Traceroute, VRRP, OSPF, RIP, PIM, BGP, ISIS, and BFD protocols


Support IPv6 route entry 16K

Support ICMPv6

Support the neighbor discover

Supports RIPing,BGP+, and OSPFv3

Reliable Features

Loop Protection

Support ERPS Ethernet ring network protocol (loop healing time <50ms)

Support RRPP loop topology and RRPP multi-instanc

Support loopback-detection Loopback detection on ports

Link protection

Support FlexLink link backup (link healing time <200ms)

Supports RSTP/MSTP link healing hardware acceleration (loop healing time <1s)

Support LACP dynamic link aggregation (link healing time <200ms)

Equipment Protection

Support VRRP host backup

Maintenance Feature

Network Maintenance

Support statistics on real-time port traffic, usage, and received and sent packets based on Telnet

Support the LLDP neighbor device discovery protocol

Support Remote Monitoring (RMON)1,2,3, and 9 MIB groups

Support RFC3176 sFlow traffic analysis to monitor and collect statistics on traffic based on protocols or addresses

Support data logs and RFC 3164 BSD Syslog Protocol

Support Ping and Traceroute

Equipment Management

Support CLI, Console port, Telnet, SSH, and WEB configuration management

Support SNMP V1, V2c, and V3 management

Support SNTP

Support hierarchical user rights