COME-56A  PON WDM Fiber Amplifier catv GPON EPON optical amplifier CWDM single fiber three  wave, flat-gain type

COME-56A PON WDM Fiber Amplifier

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An optical amplifier is a subsystem product that can amplify optical signals in an optical fiber communication system.

Performance characteristics:

    1.Adopts world top brand pump lasers and the OFS fiber of United States, advanced LG switch low-power circuit design, greatly reducing the overall power consumption and heat.
    2.Perfect APC, ACC, ATC control, users use in different networks, good ventilation design and temperature-controlled fan, ensure the long life and high reliability of PUMP laser.
    3.Using digital control chip, remote or local output power adjustable.
    4. Excellent protection circuit design, with light detection, optical return loss monitoring. Great protection of lasers and light path safety.
    5.Built-in low-noise preamplifier eliminates the need for cascaded EDFA, allowing input light to be as low as -5dBm, greatly reducing CNR and MER degradation.
   6.Demultiplexer for 1310/1490/1560nm EPON and GPON. It greatly facilitates network applications with PON. Low noise figure (type ≤ 4.5dB, Max ≤ 5.0dB);
    7.The total output optical power is optional: 2-10W (33-40dBm);
    8.The front panel can be removed and replaced flexibly according to the number of output ports; Can add a built-in optical switch module to facilitate the expansion of the device function; Cooling fan supports online replacement;
    9. The front panel LCD provides the operating parameters and alarms of the entire unit. RJ45 provides serial communication and SNMP network management interface; Carrier-grade dual power hot backup, CPU assignable power.


The COME-56Axx series high power amplifier is a high power multi-output optical fiber amplifier with a gain spectrum bandwidth of 1535~1565nm. It is mainly designed for CATV or 1~8 continuous strip channels (ITU wavelength) applications. It provides a flexible, low-cost solution for large-scale FTTH coverage of CATV systems in large and medium-sized cities.

COME-56Axx can achieve single-wavelength cable TV transmission, CWDM single-fiber three- wave, flat-gain type, DWDM; its reliable and excellent performance ratio between the main application of FTTH, FTTB, DBS, MMDS, FTTX pon, is to build CATV large Medium-sized optical fiber transmission network is an important equipment.

  Block diagram:



     Limit parameter:

Technical parameters


Max wavelength


Minimum input power


Max input power


Limited working temperature

-25 ~+70

Limited working voltage



     Technical parameters:

Technical parameters




Input power

-5dBm~+10dBmnormal input -2dBm~+5dBm

Output power

33dBm~40dBmWDM -1dBm

Output port

SC: 16/32/64LC: 32/64/128

Each output power

10~23dBm or customized



Polarization dependence loss (PDL)


Polarization dependence gain (PDG)


Polarization mode dispersion



Pump leakage power


Echo loss


Optical connector


Supply voltage




Working temperature

-5 ~+42

Storage temperature

-40 ~+80

Working relative humidity


Product net size


Package dimension


     Model guide:

COME-56A2-Output port*Per port output power-Input optical connector+Main power supply voltage+Sub power supply voltage+Output connector-with WDM+WDM connector+OSW+Optical transmitter (Note: When the black box has no order requirement, do not write).

Example: COME-56A2-16*22-SA24SA-WSP-OL

Explanation: This COME-56A 2U device is the erbium and ytterbium Co-doped high power fiber amplifier with 16 port output, each output 22dBm, input connector SC/APC, main power supply:  220V, sub powersupply: 48V, output connector SC/APC, with WDM, WDM connector SC/APC, built-in OSW and optical transmitter.

Package & Label: